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3 Dental Conditions that Run in the Family

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dental conditions dentist hopkintonThere are lots of similarities between family members. From eye color to height to certain health conditions, we acquire many of our characteristics from our family members. But, Hopkinton MA dentists say that we can also inherit some pretty significant dental conditions, too. If you have been affected by any of the three following dental conditions, then there’s a pretty strong probability that your children will experience them as well:

  1. Congenitally missing teeth. It’s very common to be born without certain teeth. The adult premolars, lateral incisors, and the wisdom teeth are notorious for failing to grow normally. Quite often, if a child is found to be missing these particular teeth, then one or both of the parents are likely to be missing the same teeth, too.
  2. Cavities bacteria. The bacteria that cause cavities can be spread amongst family members through kissing, sharing food, and sharing drinks. Once this particular strain of bacteria has taken up residence in the mouth, then the likelihood for developing tooth decay increases. This explains why some of us have never had a cavity while others tend to get new cavities every year. Most family members share a similar risk level for cavities.
  3. Crowding or spacing. Orthodontic issues like crowding or spacing can run in the family. Jaw development and tooth alignment can be a hereditary issue that often requires similar treatment methods. If you needed braces and retainers or needed to have some teeth removed due to overcrowding, then it’s important to have your child monitored for these issues no later than age 7.

Don’t let hereditary dental problems put a curse on your family. Get ahead of potential issues by embracing preventive dental strategies. Speak to a family dentist in Hopkinton about your child’s dental history as well as your own to learn more about these and other dental challenges.

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